Inspiration 1: Grey Gardens

Here it is an advance of this thursday post. This time we have been inspired by an extrange fairy tale.

In 1971 the history of the Beales was spreaded out by the press as inspectors from the Health Department raided their house and discovered that it violated every known building regulation. Edith Bouvier Beale, best known as "Little Edie" was cousin of Jackie Onassis and she lived with her mother in a rundown house known as Grey Gardens, at East Hamptons, sorrounded by cats and in the absolute chaos.

However Little Edie never resigned to give free rein to her creativity on her dress syle, wearing turbans made of old sweaters, inside out skirts and imitation jewlery broochs. 
They were pioneers of the mix, the improvisation and the vintage. Unintentionally the Beales became the founders of a aesthethic that even inspire nowadays disigners as Marc Jacobs or Philip Lim.

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