Inspiration 1: Grey Gardens

Here it is an advance of this thursday post. This time we have been inspired by an extrange fairy tale.

In 1971 the history of the Beales was spreaded out by the press as inspectors from the Health Department raided their house and discovered that it violated every known building regulation. Edith Bouvier Beale, best known as "Little Edie" was cousin of Jackie Onassis and she lived with her mother in a rundown house known as Grey Gardens, at East Hamptons, sorrounded by cats and in the absolute chaos.

However Little Edie never resigned to give free rein to her creativity on her dress syle, wearing turbans made of old sweaters, inside out skirts and imitation jewlery broochs. 
They were pioneers of the mix, the improvisation and the vintage. Unintentionally the Beales became the founders of a aesthethic that even inspire nowadays disigners as Marc Jacobs or Philip Lim.

Further information:

Everlasting flower

Blazer Zara, shirt Top Shop, skirt Oysho, boots Urban Outfitters, handbag vintage Motel (Barcelona), white tulips Celtiflor

A perfect plan for a gray friday evening: two sisters shopping together. Though the day was quite cold and unpleasant it was nice to wear again this jean skirt from summer season, but combined with black winter garments.
It was inevitable for us to stop on "ElsavadeBoda" shop window, a wonderful shop for special occasions, even bride stuff, in Santiago de Compostela. They even offer personal advising. 
Finaly we got some flowers, do you like tulips?

Thin Lizzy

Zara extra long studio coat, H&M manhunter nail polish, Uterqüe wooden platform heel ankle boots, Fred Farrugia pearly/shimmery 12 eye shadow duo, MAC russian red lipstick, Bimba&Lola tiger eye cross-body bag, COS angora wool hoodie, Stolen Girlfriend Club skeletal lace dress

Last week we went shopping and did a shoot on the streets. While waiting for the new post here some stuff that I found on the web inspired by the comming concert of Thin Lizzy in Santiago de Compostela (Sala Capitol), on February the 12th. 
The boys are back in town people!!!!
(click above to listen)

Velvet time, part II

Coat Adolfo Dominguez, masculine trousers vintage, shirt Zara, scarf Scarf Galery (Seul), boots COS

Finally the second shoot in this nice old flat. The outlook is built starting from the masculine trousers (literally boyfriend), I have seen my sister wearing them many times and I ask her to do an outllook for them. The scarf in the neck give the necesary touch of feminity.
And what about the coat, I bougth it many years ago in Adolfo Dominguez and since them our mother, my sister and me have weared it many times, and it fits perfectly each of us. I love its blue colour.


From left to right: Purificación García, Seul shopping, Scarf Gallery (Seul) and vintage from Naftalina (Santiago)

Here it is an advance from this week post. We like ribbons, you can use it  to complete any formal outlook, so here we show you some of the ones founded at home. Hope you like them!!

Velvet time, part I

Handbag Art bags (New Orleans shop), dress Sandro, shoes PTC, hand made cardigan Le Marais (Paris), earrings H&M

Here we are with our flamingo handbag from Art Bags presented on the previous post. I love the coral color flamingo, I think I would wear it everyday if it was bigger. 
We could not find a better place to show you this lady velvet dress, with the vintage touch of the collar. Next week we will show you another shot that we did on the same place but with the contrast of a masculine look.

Art Bags

Some time ago in a trip to United States we find in the little New Orleans Museum shop one of this stunning handbags. You can find them on the web site  One of these is that we bougth and tomorrow we will post our outfit with it. Which is your favourite one?

January the 1st

Necklace vintage, jeans H&M, sweater Pull&Bear, e-reader SonyPRS-600, book Nadine Coleno "The hermes scarf, History & Mistique", lip gloss Too cool for school

I can not imagine a better way of starting the year but with a hot cup of tea and a good book in my e-reader. And, of course, a bit of glamour with this gorgeus golden necklace lying on a soft woolen sweater.
The necklace is an inheritance from our grandmather and I try to use it on every formal ocasion that I have, but I think that it could be also weared in an unformal way, like here, with a woolen sweater. 
I love it, because it is a kind jewellery work difficult to find nowadays and it remembers me our granny.
By the way, I strogly recommend "Too cool for school" lip gloss (that blue little box with a cat, in the picture above), my sister bougth it in Korea a few mounths ago and althougth I never use gloss because I do not like the feel in my lips I like this one, the feel and the colour are really natural, just a delicate touch of red on your lips. Moreover, the great designs of all the packages are due to Anke Wekmann.