January the 1st

Necklace vintage, jeans H&M, sweater Pull&Bear, e-reader SonyPRS-600, book Nadine Coleno "The hermes scarf, History & Mistique", lip gloss Too cool for school

I can not imagine a better way of starting the year but with a hot cup of tea and a good book in my e-reader. And, of course, a bit of glamour with this gorgeus golden necklace lying on a soft woolen sweater.
The necklace is an inheritance from our grandmather and I try to use it on every formal ocasion that I have, but I think that it could be also weared in an unformal way, like here, with a woolen sweater. 
I love it, because it is a kind jewellery work difficult to find nowadays and it remembers me our granny.
By the way, I strogly recommend "Too cool for school" lip gloss (that blue little box with a cat, in the picture above), my sister bougth it in Korea a few mounths ago and althougth I never use gloss because I do not like the feel in my lips I like this one, the feel and the colour are really natural, just a delicate touch of red on your lips. Moreover, the great designs of all the packages are due to Anke Wekmann.


  1. Pretty photos! Like the slouchy and comfortable sweater!

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  2. I love this necklace!!!! <3

  3. nice pics,im having a H&M x Versace dress giveaway,come join? http://mwanwan.blogspot.com/2012/01/h-versace-giveway.html