Inspiration 2: Picnic Rider

From up to down and from left to right: Steven Alan dress,   plate from Liberty, Froy and Dind box from Lyberty London Gifts and Top-Shop shirt, handbag and blazer.

Here it is an advance of the next post. We were inspired by old picnic style and amazons of beggining of century. Do you like the style.

Aquí teneis una avance del post que viene, inspirado en los picnics y las amazonas de principio de siglo. ¿Os gusta el estilo?

Aquí tendes un avance do post que ven, inspirado nas merendas campestres e as amazonas de principios de século. Qué vos parece o estilo?


  1. Adorable picnic wear!!

    Steph and Amber

  2. Hey Ladies!
    I'm glad you like it... don't forget to visit us tomorrow to see our "picnic" outfit!!!